Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Green's Committee Letter for Brookstone Buzz


The Green’s Committee had a luncheon at the maintenance facility just before the new year.  This very good idea (and hopefully annual event) was the brainchild of Joey Franco, Brookstone  Superintendent.  The purpose of the get-together was for the Green’s  Committee and the staff  to have a casual meeting to get to know one another, understand the tough job the crew has day in and day out and for the workers to understand the needs and desires of the Brookstone golfing membership.  Mission accomplished I believe.
When you are out on the course and see the staff, give them a wave and maybe even take a moment to thank them for not just doing their job but going beyond with extra effort. Good news.  For additional playability,  tree trimming will begin on holes 2, 5, 13 and 14.  This trimming will open up the entire green from the tee boxes and fairways.  The natural growth has become a problem  and will be dealt with by Joey’s crew  very soon. Don’t forget to check out the 15 inch hole on the practice green.  We are told that it is actually a great practice device. Remember that the following are your members of the Green’s Committee; Carol Welch, Bob Visentin, Jeff Tally, Newton Ticer, Rick Corless, John Barnett, Glen Collins, Norb Missler and Jim Glasgow.  Anyone one of these members is ready, willing and able to give you the latest update on the course, and most importantly discuss any issues you may have and would like to be addressed.


Jim Glasgow (Green's Committee Chairman)

Monday, January 19, 2015

Fire ExtinguisherTraining

The Golf Course Maintenance Staff was trained on the proper operation of a fire extinguisher. Kelly Fire demonstrated the use and different types of fire extinguishers. This was a very important training session for work and also for the staff members who have fire extinguishers at home. The video demonstrates the proper actions of using a fire extinguisher and the use of four important words: PULL    AIM    SQUEEZE    SWEEP

Friday, January 16, 2015

Beautiful Day for Golf!!!

Finally Some Great Weather!!!

We are finally receiving some improved weather. For the last several days we have had cloudy, cold and misty weather. We should have some pretty good weather over the next several days. Today we were able to roll the greens and clean the golf course for a busy day and weekend. Although the temperatures are still cool, we expect a very busy weekend.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Addition to the Entrance!!!

There is a beautiful addition to the entrance. THANK YOU to the Wines for their assistance and contribution.