Friday, December 19, 2014

Winter Forecast 2014 - 2015

Many are wondering if we are going to experience another winter like the last. Based on these graphs, we could possibly have another rough winter for our area. I found these graphs with the Winter Solstice upon us next week. The first day of the true Winter season is Sunday (December 21, 2015). I am sure everyone remembers the snowfall events we experienced last winter and the single digit temperatures. Although the maintenance staff has done everything in preparation for this season, we hope to have a different result than what the graphs are predicting. Either way, we will be in great shape (greens, tees and fairways) for this winter season. Good Luck to everyone and I know you and the staff are looking forward to Spring and Summer.

Rolling Greens

The morning temperatures are promising for the weekend. Based on the forecast, we shouldn't have any frost or delays this weekend. We plan to roll the greens throughout the weekend. The putting surfaces will be firm and smooth for a busy weekend of Golf.

End of the Year Lunch with the Greens Committee and Golf Course Maintenance Staff

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Monthly Safety Meeting - Hearing Protection

Training and Safety are our top priority within the Golf Course maintenance Department. This time of year, blowing (backpack, buffalo turbine and tractor) is a constant occurrence. We conducted our safety meeting today and concentrated on the importance of hearing protection. Wes Denmon (Assistant Superintendent) informed the staff on the proper safety measures regarding hearing protection.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Installation of 15" Cup

15" Practice Green Cup

"Golf More Fun!" This is a huge topic in the industry. Golf has been declining due to the economy, course closures and the lack of interest in the game. Improving interest has grown tremendously with the introduction of disc and foot golf. Many courses are implementing a new way of promoting interest by installing 15" cups on the putting surfaces to make the game easier and more fun. Hold On, you might say. Are we installing these new cups on the golf course? Well, NO! We are trying a different aspect as far as adding a little more fun at the practice area. This is great for long putting contests. Putting to a 15" cup isn't actually easy. Below Mr. Missler, Mr. Vanderwood and Mr. English tried and realized this is actually harder than it looks, but they are having fun and that is all that matters. We installed one on the practice green and dependent on the response, we may add another one on the other end of the practice green. I tried myself and couldn't get the ball in the hole.

Monday, December 15, 2014


The pigment we applied on the greens displays a great color differential with the dormant turf.

Pigment Application to Driving Range

We don't overseed, but our membership loves to see the color green during the winter dormant season. We applied a pigment/paint to our Driving Range Teeing area and target greens. Below are pictures of before and after.

Golf Course Tour #12 - #16

Friday, December 12, 2014

End of Leaf Season

The Leaf Season is coming to an end. 90% of our golf holes are surrounded by tree line. The Golf Course Maintenance Staff has done a remarkable job this year keeping the golf course as clean as possible. After the Holiday Season, we will implement our small project plan throughout the golf course. These include: irrigation installation, drainage repair, compacting the bunkers and other miscellaneous areas in need of improvement.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


The Golf Course Maintenance staff would like to give a big THANK YOU to the LGA for the delicious treats today.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Melrose Leadership Academy

I had the great opportunity to interview with The Marietta Daily Journal. The newspaper was doing a release on me becoming a recipient of the Melrose Leadership Academy. The Academy gives Golf Course Superintendents the opportunity to attend our organization's national show. This year the Golf Industry Show is in San Antonio, Texas. This is a great opportunity to network and improve management and developmental skills. Please click on the link below: 

#3 Island Cleaning

We cleaned the island adjacent to #3 fairway. These are some of the projects we have on the list this winter. Please visit the maintenance blog for other projects to be completed this winter.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Pigment Application

We are applying the second pigment application today. Today is the first coverage and the second coverage will be applied tomorrow.

Island #3

We are planning to clean-up the island adjacent to #3. We are removing the underbrush, dead tree and debris. We plan to add landscaping in the Spring. We want to focus on cleaning this area and giving the island a natural feel. This area will be addressed next week.

Golf Course Maintenance Schedule (December 8 - 14)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Moisture Management

Moisture Management is very important for the integrity of the putting surfaces, especially during the winter season. This time of year, we experience very cold temperatures and very low humidity levels. The grass plant can easily dry out (desiccate) and potentially cause turf loss. We manage moisture levels using a surfactant (Fleet). Fleet is a penetrant that allows the management of moisture through the plant and soil. During the winter we also experience frequent precipitation and then very cold temperatures. The penetrant will allow enough moisture for the surface and at the same time open the pore space (reduce soil lock-up) for the infiltration of precipitation and irrigation. This is very important when we experience the hard freezes after rains during the winter. Fleet chemically strips the organic compounds in the soil and plant to allow soil moisture into the root system. Fleet is another great tool in managing frost. As stated before, the chemical pulls the moisture through the soil and into the plant. When we experience frost, the moisture is pulled down into the soil.Of course Fleet can't guarantee no frost delays, but is a great tool in reducing the amount of potential frost. We sprayed the putting surfaces today and irrigated for a few minutes. The application of the irrigation ensures the chemical is in the soil profile.

Melrose Leadership Academy Recipient

Melrose Academy selections off to San Antonio

Seventeen GCSAA members have added a trip to San Antonio for the 2015 Golf Industry Show to their calenders after being selected as members of the 2015 Melrose Leadership Academy.

Administered by the Environmental Institute for Golf, GCSAA's philanthropic arm, the Melorse Leadership Academy provides all-expenses-paid trips to GIS where members receive education specific to topics such as risk management, operational efficiency, business and environmental stewardship. Academy members are selected through an application process that is based on financial need, volunteerism and a drive to advance their careers.

The complete news release on the 2015 selections is posted below:

Melrose Leadership Academy to send 17 superintendents to Golf Industry Show

Program for GCSAA members based on financial need, volunteerism and desire to advance career Lawrence, Kan. (Dec. 2, 2014) — Golf course superintendent TD Storie Jr. knew the value of the education and networking at the annual Golf Industry Show, but the budget at his course, Centennial Valley Golf Course in Conway, Ark., simply didn’t allow him funding to attend the event.

This year, however, Storie will be in San Antonio for the 2015 Golf Industry Show (GIS) (Feb. 21-26), as a member of the 2015 Melrose Leadership Academy. The Melrose Leadership Academy is a program of the Environmental Institute for Golf, the philanthropic organization of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America. As part of the academy, Storie will join 16 other GCSAA members for an all-expenses-paid trip to GIS.

Academy members were chosen through an application process based on financial need, volunteerism and drive to advance their careers. The academy will offer education specific to risk management (health, safety and environmental compliance), operational efficiency, business and environmental stewardship. Attendees will also participate in various leadership activities.

The Melrose Leadership Academy supports the professional development of GCSAA member superintendents by providing individuals the opportunity to attend the Golf Industry Show. It was established in 2012 by Ken Melrose, retired CEO and chairman of the board of The Toro Co., and is supported by a $1 million gift to the EIFG from The Kendrick B. Melrose Family Foundation.

Melrose’s relationship with the golf industry is longstanding, as he joined the Toro Co. in 1970. He quickly ascended the ranks of the company, culminating with his appointment as CEO in 1983 and chairman of the board of directors in 1987. He retired as CEO in 2005 and from the chairman position in 2006. That same year he formed Leading by Serving LLC, a new company whose mission is to advance the principles of servant leadership in business organizations.

“I feel honored to be selected; it’s recognition for a long career,” Storie, a 17-year GCSAA member, said. “I have been very involved in GCSAA, but unable to regularly attend the show. It’s strictly financial. Now I am really looking forward to meeting people from all over the place – it’s all about networking.”

In addition to Storie, the selected participants are:
• Nicholas W. Cummins, Westwood Golf Course, Newton, Iowa
• Jon-Claude Whillock, Harrison (Ark.) Country Club
• Hamilton S. Griffith, University of Georgia Golf Course, Athens, Ga.
• Ryan Smith, Old Silo Golf Club, Mount Sterling, Ky.
• Kyle Erdige, Timber Banks Golf Course, Baldwinsville, N.Y.
Joey G. Franco Jr., CGCS, Brookstone Golf & Country Club, Acworth, Ga.
• Chase H. Best, Old Capital Golf Club, Corydon, Ind.
• Kurtis A. Wolford, Cherry Island Golf Course, Elverta, Calif.
• Stephen Sarnowski, Raisin River Country Club, Monroe, Mich.
• Scott Cybulski, CGCS, Martindale Country Club, Auburn, Maine
• Scott Winkelman, Lakeview Golf & Country Club, Auburn, N.Y.
• Leslie A. Carpenter Jr., Newton (N.J.) Country Club
• Robert W. Turcotte, Baker Hill Golf Club, Newbury, N.H.
• Jason S. Heydt, Spring Hollow Golf Club, Spring City, Pa.
• Rick A. Jacobs, Mirror Lakes Golf Club, Lehigh Acres, Fla.
• Nathaniel R. Dyer, Neshobe Golf Club, Brandon, Vt.

“The Melrose Leadership Academy offers GCSAA members a fantastic professional development opportunity,” GCSAA CEO Rhett Evans said. “Congratulations to the winners, not only for being named to the academy, but for making the decision to continue to learn and enhance their careers and the profession.”

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Leaf Debris Cleanup

We are coming to an end of the leaf cleanup. This is a constant process from late October to early December.We are concentrating on cleaning all of the landscape beds and golf course.

Mowing Greens

We mowed the greens on Monday. This is the first time we have implemented this practice since early November. Due to the warmer temperatures we have experienced and will experience over the next several days, we wanted to clean-up the putting surfaces. This practice will occur on an as needed basis. If the weather continues to cooperate, we plan on mowing the putting surfaces 2 times per week. During the time the greens will not be mowed, we will roll the greens. One thing we are very mindful of is green speed. Due to the reduced growth and undulations of the putting surfaces, we have to be careful NOT to get the putting surfaces too fast.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Greens Uncovered 11-20-14

The Golf course maintenance Staff removed the covers from the greens. They did a remarkable job in removing the covers quickly for play. The greens are still holding their color very well. Although the pigment was applied to add an aesthetic color, the greens themselves are very healthy and showing significant green leaf tissue. This is very encouraging considering we just experienced some very cold temperatures. Although it is very early in the season, we will be in great shape this winter and early next Spring.We spent the time today blowing leaves throughout the golf course. Due to the cold temperatures, we were unable to blow leaves during the closing of the golf course.