Tuesday, August 25, 2015


In case you have not yet heard, Joey has accepted a job at Cherokee Town and Country Club in Atlanta, Georgia.  He will be serving as golf course superintendent for the North Course.  I have thoroughly enjoyed working for Joey and appreciate all he has taught me. It is my goal, as assistant superintendent, to continue to provide exceptional playing conditions for our members and guests, as well as provide you with course updates, cultural practices, and a look behind the scenes of the golf course maintenance team through this platform.

Fairways and greens,

Wes Denmon

YOUR Assistant Golf Course Superintendent

Thursday, July 30, 2015


The Golf Course Maintenance Staff really enjoyed the treat today. THANK YOU!!
Yes ma'am, I know Mr. Visentin didn't make the cake.

Research Visit

We were welcomed today with a visit from some prominent researchers within the turfgrass industry. I have mentioned several times in meetings and conversations with members the ongoing research regarding Ultra Dwarf bermudagrass putting surfaces. The research consist of ball roll, uniformity and a monostand of turf within the putting surfaces. Many people have heard of the hard work and dedication the staff has implemented over the last couple of years removing the contamination/mutation in the greens. These gentlemen wanted to research our progress and use the work we have implemented in their research for data. They plan to have the results from our data and data from another 50 golf courses within the Southeast by the end of next year. This process takes time and hopefully the results will provide more information regarding the contamination/mutation of bermudagrass putting surfaces. We are definitely not alone in this situation. many golf courses have dealt with this issue and from my conversations today, we are definitely ahead of the game based on the practices we have implemented over the last couple of years. First I want to give a huge THANK YOU to the researchers = Jim Brosnan & Eric Reasor (Tennessee) and Brian Scwartz & Gerald Henry (Georgia). Turfgrass research is vital for Golf Course sustainability. Millions of dollars every year is dedicated to research from chemicals, to fertilizers to adaptation of turfgrasses in certain climates. The Golf Course Industry is very grateful to have individuals dedicated to the development and sustainability of the business. Below you will see pictures of the testing process.

Aerification Update

The Golf Course Maintenance Staff is progressing with the aerification process. As of today, the only holes left to aerify are Holes #6 - #9 (Fairways). We will complete these next week. The aerification process this year has been very extensive. Since I have been with the club and conversations with past coworkers, the golf course has never been aerified to this extent. Of course aerification is a very important cultural practice and one that will aid in the improvement of play-ability and turfgrass health. Of course aerification isn't the Golden Apple, but will improve the overall quality of the golf course. Below are several pictures of the process and a slow motion video of the aerification equipment. Our focus is to have the golf course cleaned up for the busy weekend play.

Geese Police Update

The Geese Police have been on the golf course since Monday. I am expecting a report from Glenn Rittgers very soon regarding our current status. I will pass along to the membership once I receive the report. Below are some pictures of the process on Hole #3.