Friday, April 11, 2014

True Height of Cut

As we move further into the growing season, the cutting heights for the greens will begin to be lowered. We start the season (Winter to Spring) at .145 of an inch (est. 9/64"). Moving forward (Spring to Summer) we will lower the heights gradually to .100 of an inch (est. 3/32"). Towards the end of the growing season (Fall to Winter) we will gradually raise the height of cut in preparation for the winter season back to .145 of an inch (est. 9/64"). These measurements are based on bench height. You may ask what is bench height? This is the measurement the Equipment Manager uses to set the height of cut at the maintenance facility. There is a difference in bench height and true mowing height. We use a tool called the "Grass Height Prism Gauge". The gauge features graduated measurement lines that determine the true mowing height of the turfgrass. The gauge can also display the quality of cut. We use this tool to make sure our quality and height of cut is perfect. The measurement difference between bench height and true height is between .01 and .015 of an inch. For example, if our bench height is .120 then we are actually mowing at an estimated .105 - .108. This is important in turfgrass quality, not mowing too low to stress the turfgrass and for green speeds. The Grass Height Prism Guage is also used for rough, fairway, approach and collar heights throughout the golf course.