Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Greens Committee Letter

The Greens Committee and I discussed each member of the committee to provide a letter for the monthly newsletter and member's website to include their perspective of the maintenance staff, maintenance practices and information for the membership. This is a great representation of the Greens Committee to focus on communicating between the maintenance staff, the committee and the membership. I am grateful for the continued support and involvement of the Greens Committee. Communication between the staff and the membership is the most important aspect in a Private Club. Providing pertinent information to the membership and their guests will aid in many questions that may arise. Please view the blog for the monthly letter and also visit the member's website for this information. Below is the letter from Mrs. Welch (LGA Represenative). Through the Green Summer is in full swing! Warm weather and frequent rains have turned most fairways, greens, and tee boxes a lovely shade of green. The golfers are out sporting daily taking advantage of the greened-up course and the many improvements made in the last few months. While we are enjoying the many improvements, we don't want to forget about daily responsibilities like mowing that keep the course in the great playing condition that we all enjoy. In order to maintain desired green speed and proper fairway roll as well as fair bunker play, the grounds crew cuts, rakes, and rolls each of the 18 holes on our course on schedule. Weather permitting of course. Joey Franco, Brookstone's Golf Superintendent, gave the Greens Committee some insight into his daily maintenance requirements including the summer mowing schedule: greens are rolled 5 times each week and mowed 3 to 4 times; desired height of cut at this time is .118 inch. Tee boxes, fairways and approaches are mowed 3 to 4 times each week; desired height is .550 inch and .500 inch respectively. The rough is cut on a continual basis with mowers out 5 times a week, making it possible for the entire course to be cut 1 and 3/4 times each week; desired height is 1.25 inches. Keeping up with the grass growth is imperative to the grounds crew as is filling divots and cart path etiquette is to the golfers. Please remember to repair your divots! Golf cart signage is posted to remind experienced golfers and inform new golfers of "cart path only" restrictions (no rough either) and proper distance from the greens (30 yards) at Brookstone Country Club. Questions, comments, concerns are appreciated. Suggestion boxes have been placed in the locker rooms for your convenience. Green’s Committee representative’s: Newton Ticer, Glen Collins, Jim Glasgow, Norb Missler, John Barnett, Bob Visentin, Jeff Tally, and myself. Thank you for sanding your divots! Carol Welch