Thursday, July 31, 2014

Contamination Removal Update - July 31, 2014

We are very close to completing the contamination removal. The golf course maintenance staff will be focusing on #3 Monday (August 4, 2014). We hope to have 90% of the herbicide applied areas repaired with new turfgrass (plugs & sod). We should have this green completed by Tuesday. After #3 is complete, we will focus on any areas (very small) throughout the golf course. Our goal is to make sure all the putting surfaces are healthy and ready for the upcoming winter season. By my calculations from last year and this year, we have removed an estimated 33,000 - 36,000 square feet of turf from the putting surfaces. The golf course maintenance staff appreciates the patience and understanding from the membership throughout this process. This approach is the best for the future of the putting surfaces and the membership of Brookstone Golf & Country Club. Below is some pictures of the process and results from #10 & #15 Greens. The staff will continue to topdress the areas as small as a silver dollar to promote tie-in, smoothness and growth.