Thursday, September 25, 2014

Certification - GCSAA

As a member of the Golf Course Superintendent's Association, I have achieved a professional milestone. I have achieved Certification through the GCSAA. This accomplishment is one I have been pursuing for a few years. In the beginning of my career (16 years ago), my goal was to become a Certified Golf Course Superintendent. This achievement requires education, determination, experience and professionalism. I am very proud to say I am a CGCS. I want to thank some mentors that have guided me throughout my career. Without these gentlemen, my accomplishment would not have been attainable. Jack Archer (Golf Course Superintendent - Timber creek Golf Club), Chuck Carter - (President of C.E. Carter & Associates), Shannon Easter (Director of Golf Course Maintenance - Craft Farms Golf Club) and Carl Collins (Director of Maintenance - American Golf Corporation)They have instilled in me the knowledge in becoming a successful Golf Course Superintendent. Thank You for your guidance. I hope to mentor other aspiring Certified Golf Course Superintendents through the core values and ethics the association desires.