Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pigment (Turf Colorant) Application

It is hard to believe the cold temperatures are upon us. Tonight and into tomorrow morning the temperatures will dip into the low 40's and down to 38 degrees in the morning. We are still a little above average as far as temperature for this time of year. In preparation of the colder temperatures, we are applying our turf colorant. There are several different options: turf paint and a variety of pigments. We use a product (PAR SG) from Harrells. Par SG will give the dormant or slightly dormant putting surfaces an aesthetically better surface. Our initial application was applied one direction. Once we move further into the winter season, we will apply the pigment two directions to give the surfaces a darker green color. We use an artificial hole plug and towel to protect the cups from staining during the application.