Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mowing Greens before the cold snap

We mowed the greens this morning. We are mowing at a height of .150" We wanted to get a good cut on the greens before the cold weather comes this weekend and next week. At this height we are cutting a little grass, but mainly cleaning-up ball marks and any leaf debris. The greens are in really great shape going into this winter. We will continue to mow the greens (dependent on weather) throughout the winter season. If we get a few days into the high 60's or low 70's, then we will plan to mow the greens. On days where we don't mow and the weather cooperates, then we will roll the greens. As far as the cold weather coming, we plan to cover the greens next Monday until Thursday morning. The temperatures are dipping into the low 20's. I will update you further as we move closer to next week. As a reminder, please call the Golf Shop, visit the blog, check the member website or check your e-mail for further information regarding delays or closings due to inclement weather.