Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Pigment Application on the Putting Surfaces

We applied the first of two applications of our pigment (PAR SG) to the putting surfaces. Applying a pigment, instead of painting, has provided better results and is less damaging to our chemical application equipment. The pigment also provides a darker color and aids in soil temperature. The first application included a clean-up pass around the perimeter of the putting surface and a direction of 2-8. Tomorrow we will apply the second application in an opposite direction. This ensures complete coverage of the putting surface and eliminates any misses/gaps possible during application. Applying pigments is a great alternative to overseeding. Sometimes overseeding can be difficult during the transition period (Winter to Spring). Using pigments is very cost effective. Overseeding can be expensive with the cost of seed, labor, water, fertilizer & chemicals and potential turfgrass loss. We planned these applications due to the forecast for lower 30's frequently over the next several days. These applications will be implemented on an as needed basis.