Tuesday, December 16, 2014

15" Practice Green Cup

"Golf More Fun!" This is a huge topic in the industry. Golf has been declining due to the economy, course closures and the lack of interest in the game. Improving interest has grown tremendously with the introduction of disc and foot golf. Many courses are implementing a new way of promoting interest by installing 15" cups on the putting surfaces to make the game easier and more fun. Hold On, you might say. Are we installing these new cups on the golf course? Well, NO! We are trying a different aspect as far as adding a little more fun at the practice area. This is great for long putting contests. Putting to a 15" cup isn't actually easy. Below Mr. Missler, Mr. Vanderwood and Mr. English tried and realized this is actually harder than it looks, but they are having fun and that is all that matters. We installed one on the practice green and dependent on the response, we may add another one on the other end of the practice green. I tried myself and couldn't get the ball in the hole.