Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Golf Course Maintenance Schedule (January 5 - 11)

We are going to be very busy next week concentrating on improvements throughout the golf course. The Golf Course Maintenance Staff will begin the winter bunker maintenance program. This process includes adding sand, where necessary, and compacting the sand for firmness. This is a very important practice to protect the integrity of the newly renovated bunkers. This practice will be implemented again in July. We will also concentrate on underbrush and tree removal within certain areas of the golf course. These areas include: #2, #13, #14 and #18. These areas will improve the ability of turgrass growth and aesthetics of the golf course. Drainage installation will be installed on #2 and #13. These are small projects relative to the projects from 2014, but will improve the aesthetics and playability of the golf course. Please visit the golf course maintenance blog for updates and other improvements implemented on the golf course.