Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Greens Committee Letter


Think of all the golf courses you have played….OK….you would describe each one and HARD, EASY, UNFAIR, BAD CONDITION, GOOD/BAD GREEN’S.  But did you or your playing partners ever use the word playability?  Didn’t think so.  Neither have I.  We know it is there we just don’t identify it.  And we should use the playability description of a course in our assessment of each course we play.  We know it is there we just don’t consider it.
Joey Franco, Superintendent at Brookstone has done one of the simplest things which are making Brookstone a more playable course without altering the green’s, layout and fairways.  It started with the renovation of the bunkers (almost all on the course) they are not punitive as in the past due to now being consistent and undamaged by excess water/rain.  Because we play our course so much, we many times don’t notice the changes that how shrub and tree growth come into play.  The left side of #2 has been cleaned up and tree’s that sometimes come into play have been trimmed back, #3 at the creek has been drastically pruned back to allow the second shot to not be decided by overgrowth but by the position of the shot.  #13 trimmed and removed trees on the left of the fairway have opened up the options from the blue and gold tees.  These are just 3 of 8 of the most recent changes made to improve PLAYABILITY.  The added bonus of the undergrowth being removed and trimmed back will allow errant balls to be found more easily and speed up play……PLAYABILITY. 
Sometimes Less Is More
As you begin to notice these changes please take note how your game is affected.  If you see something that you believe will improve PLAYABILITY contact your Green’s Committee member.  Carol Welch, Bob Visentin, Jeff Tally, Newton Ticer, Rick Corless, John Barnett, Glen Collins, Norb Missler, Jim Glasgow.

Jim Glasgow - Greens Committee Chairman