Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring is HERE!!!!!

The weather has really warmed-up over the last several days and the maintenance staff has been very busy. This time of year, we begin to gradually implement our cultural practices on the greens. These practices include topdressing, fertilizing and solid tining the putting surfaces. During the winter, the putting surfaces have taken a serious pounding with the cold weather, rolling and play. As the temperature increases, so does the activity with the putting surfaces. This is just the beginning of many cultural practices. As we move further into the season more frequent topdressing, mowing, rolling solid tining and fertilization (granular & liquid) will begin to increase in activity. Although we experienced some pretty chilly temperatures this past winter, a GREAT sign is the response the greens are having with the temperatures we are currently experiencing. We are also applying our preemergent for the coming growing season. This application is very important for the playability and aesthetics of the golf course. A strong preemergent program will reduce cost in materials and labor. Most importantly the preemergent will [provide an aesthetically pleasing golf course.