Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Differences in Green Type Turfgrass

This being U.S. Open & MGA Member/Guest week, I wanted to show the different turf types the two tournaments will be putting on this week. Of course many of you know our turf type on the greens is Bermuda - Champion. The turf type for Chambers Bay is Fescue. I don't know exactly what kind, but this grass can only be grown in certain areas of the world (Pacific Northwest, English Isles and certain Coastal European areas). There have been many reports (the tournament hasn't even started) of the greens being in really bad shape. Of course the USGA likes to "trick-up" the golf course for the open. I thought many of you would find the pictures below interesting. Did you know that Chambers Bay is a Municipal Golf Course and open to the public 8 months per year? Tournaments, especially the majors, always have some positive and negative aspects to them. I enjoy passing along some of the information and discussions my industry communicates, to you.